Converter RS-232-RS-422/485 Isolated


RS-232/RS-422/485 Converter

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The RS232 to RS485 photo isolator provides a RS232 signals to RS485 signals conversion features, which are used to expand long haul communication distance via multi-drop communication of RS485 signal, and it allows the input signals to be completely prevent up to 1000V. There are 3 LED indicators correspond to Tx, Rx, and power signals. A 9V, 500mA power adapter is provided in the package.

The features of RS232 to RS485 photo isolator are :

  • Standard EIA RS232 to RS485 converter interface.
  • Photo isolator function that prevents signals up to 1000V.
  • Transmission distance up to 1200m.
  • Female RS232 connector.
  • Male RS485 connector.
  • 9V, 500mA power adapter.
  • Point to point or multi-drop available. Provide auto flow control.



English manual with adjusting plan, terminal diagram and data sheets. Don't need a driver.

The package contains:
Converter, power-supply, cable and manual

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