Converter RS-232/20mA


RS-232 Current-Loop

Item-No.: 232-20

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The RS232 current loop converter provides an expandable current loop communication for standard RS232 interface.

The features of RS232 current loop converter are

  • Standard EIA of RS232C communication protocol.
  • Passive or active current loop selectable.
  • One DB-25 Male RS232 connector.
  • Terminal block connector for long haul cable.
  • DCE, DTE or loopback selectable
  • 4 wire full duplex or 2 wire half duplex selectable
  • Using DC 9V external power or supported by pin 9 of RS232C.
  • One Pair (two converters) is needed for two connected devices.
  • 20mA or 60mA selectable
  • Compact size


English manual with adjusting plan, terminal diagram and data sheets. Don't need a driver.

The package contains:
Converter, power-supply, cable and manual


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