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PCI 8255 48 I/O


PCI 8255 48 I/O

Item-No.: 8255-P2

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Bus: 32-Bit PCI Bus PnP


  • 2 x 8255 (OKI-M82C55A-2) + 1 x 8254 (OKI M82C54-2 )
  • Connection: 2 x 40-Pin IDC


  • Programmable I/O control functions

  • Up to 48 I/O lines TTL - 5V

  • Three independent 16 bits counter

  • Sixteen LED indicate when I/O is operating

  • Provides DII device driver for PnP features

  • ISA 8255N compatibly

  • Englisch manual with configuration and
    Pin Assignment.


  • Windows-98/NT/2000/XP, Vista, WIN-7/WIN-8, Linux and DOS driver or sample for programming.

  • Per shipping you receive freshly burned „Decision Computer Germany
    service CD“ with current drivers, manuals, installation guidances and
    German additional information. The extent depends on the product!

Produktcode Taiwan: APCI8255
Label on board: PCI 8255 - DCI98120406

Size: 160 mm x 90 mm


D-SUB Adapter 37-Pin

Item-No.: ADAP37

  • Adapter for 40-Pin IDC connector. Extends the cable connection on the plate in the computer on a DB-37 socket in the Slotblech. Set with two
    cable adapters (40-Pin IDC to DB-37) suitable for 8255N, 8255-P2 and RELOP16.