Digital I/O Lab für Android


Mobile Android Automatic Control System by Decision Group

PDA/Smart Phone has the same complete functions as an Industry PC with CPU, Flash Memory, RAM, touch panel for I/O, network interfaces of blue tooth, 2G and 3G, and USB Host Port linked with Decision Group USB-AD/DA, Digital I/O Interface Cards. In the retail market, you can buy a PDA/Smart Phone device by the price of USD$ 100-150, but you need to spend USD$ 1600 to 3000 for an industry PC. Due to full functionality and reasonable cost of PDA/Smart Phone, Decision Group announces innovative mobile android automatic control solution with USB AD/DA/DIO interfaces. The advantages of PDA/Smart Phone device are small size, light weight for easy portability and movement, and low power consuming, and charged by mobile power bank for long term operation. You may use USB-HUB of device for I/O expansion with Decision Group AD/DA, Digital I/O interface cards and power charging. Remote control can be done through Bluetooth, WiFi, 2G, 3G connections of PDA/Smart Phone device.

Decision Group Mobile Automatic Control Kit

  1. Decision Group USB - AD/DA, Digital I/O Interface
  2. Android System (above 3.2)
  3. Mobile Smart Device with USB-host
  4. Automatic Control APP development kit provided by Decision Group to partner for innovative automatic contSrol mobile system integration and development

II. Specification of USB - AD/DADigital I/O Interfaces

Digital I/O Module 2. AD/DA Modules

Full spectrum of Digital input/output channel support (DIO) with 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 channels

  1. Maximum channel support by single system: 1920
  2. Output range: 0~30V
  3. Input range

    1.Optocoupler type: 35V,30mA
2.Relay type A: 100V DC, 500mA
3.Relay type B: 220V AC/ 150V DC, 1A

16 Bit AD/DA Modules
A/D input voltage range:

  1. 0 TO +5 V (10 V p-p),
  2. 0 TO +10 V (20 V p-p) for unipolar,
  3. -5 V TO +5V (20 V p-p),
  4. -10 V TO +10V (40 V p-p) for bipolar.
  5. D/A channels and the resolution is 16 bits.
  6. D/A Current output ranges: 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 24 mA ±0.01 %
  7. FSR typical total unadjusted error (TUE) ±3 ppm/°C D/A
  8. D/A Voltage output ranges: 0 V to 5 V, 0 V to 10 V, ±5 V, ±10 V 10% over range ±0.01 %
FSR typical total unadjusted error (TUE) ±2 ppm/°C

III. APP Development Resource Provided by Decision Group

Decision Group offers self-developed USB - AD/DA, Digital I/O interfaces, and below resources for partner to integrate mobile automatic control kit with customized innovative application by short Time-to-Market cycle:

    1. Free APP: By Plug and Play function support, user can bypass coding and installation. APP for automatic control provides friendly GUI, can be downloaded from Google Play, and is running on Android 3.2 above platform. Well-designed safety mechanism with Watchdog, offline alarm…etc is provided. Turn-key integration is embedded with automatic APP execution in boot time.
    2. ICONIC Programming Tool: Decision Group provides free ICONIC Programming Tool from Windows to Android platform. User can develop his own application by drag & drop without longer learning curve
    3. Free Partner Training: Free Partner Training program offered by Decision Group covers APP development on PC for Android platform with automatic control functions




Decision I/O Lab for supporting android device

About Android,
The latest version is 3

Release note:
*Update for supporting android version 4.22 or later.
*New script loader function.
*Supporting multiple cards now.

Some issues:
*Not yet handling unplug event
*Can only switch between multiple devices, but not control them all in the same time.


Recently I am working on this:
To generate script file for our android program to read and process.


Neue Version Decision-USB-Android


Info 5-2020:
Only the Sample Code for Input and Output for invocation of the API provided
by DG should be delivered to our clients since they have to integrate their own App.
The complete source code of our launched App should not be given to the clients.
Time is required, two to three week I assume, for amendment of the source code before providing it to the clients.
The clients can use the app not the source code if they want the code at this moment.





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